~Haemoglobin 9 (allergic_to_you) wrote in losethelube,
~Haemoglobin 9

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The only thing I look foward to.

Inspired & smitten.
Taken, by just a glance in the wrong direction.
Seconds gone & silent thoughts
of having another infatuation
Isn't it obvious when I'm tongue tied...
when my only mood is high?
I can question only myself
why I get like this.....
It's for everyone I've thought of
in a way I shouldn't .
In a way that I can't have.
Something that was unexpected
happy as the summer's air blowing across my face
sick to my stomach in a matter of seconds
"I so want to....."
You are the only thing I look forward to..
in these meaningless, passing-by days.
Never felt like this in my whole life.
You can take me away. You have taken me away.
You can't take me back to where I was before.
I don't think I can go back.
Now my words & thoughts are crumbling.
and running together like water colours on a page.
I smear my thoughts, I smear my obsessions...
I smear my fears & wants...combined...
I have no clue anymore.
To where I stand...
to where I even begin..
yet all I know...
is where I end.
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