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More poems and pictures....Woot

Hello...It is me again...Come to bug you with more poems of mine and pictures...Please be nice....I am fragile and break easily

Slipping Away

She held her life in her own hands as if it were grains of sand
Slipping through feverishly clasped hands
She saw the angels dance all around her
And she knew for sure
Her time had come
And as the ceiling span round and round
She found
That as the world turned grey
It turned brighter in some brilliant way
And as she held her life in her own hands and watched it slip away
A solitary tear betrayed
The pain and sadness of her passing away.

Me and my sis....I miss her...Havent seen her for like a week or two

Me and Ally in the graveyard

Me in the graveyard

That is all for the day


~Vesper Jade~
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